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Tuesday, July 01, 2003


New Blog---relocation

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Sunday, June 29, 2003


"Sorry but Free Hosting is no longer a service with Drift2 Hosting."-

this seems cool


blogspot is not that hot either sucks

it reallyd oes

Friday, June 27, 2003

select Googlisms for "Harry Potter"

harry potter is teaching your children satanism and witchcraft
harry potter is it
harry potter is coming
harry potter is good for christianity
harry potter is hairy dwarf in unauthorized
harry potter is evil
harry potter is echt supercool club
harry potter is black magick witchcraft
harry potter is nothing compared to the rings
harry potter is 'bad for fat kids'
harry potter is simply one in a long line of hollywood vehicles intended to lure our impressionable children into believing that secular apparitions
harry potter is "sick" and "bad"
harry potter is not the chronicles of narnia
harry potter is actually sexist
harry potter is not the antichrist
harry potter is chinese
harry potter is hairy dwarf in unauthorized chinese book
harry potter is evil harry potter kills all pokemon and also killed
harry potter is george
harry potter is making something god says is an abomination into “child’s play
harry potter is 'fattist' says charity
harry potter is george w bush
harry potter is sibo lin's hold (108/131)

full list


"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is available in PDF format on the Kazaa network. But because I only use Kazaa for strictly legal purposes, I did not download it. I am currently hold 108 out of 131 at the EVPL. I hope a lot of people from #1-107 decide to just buy the book and cancel their holds.


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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Calc II problem
integrate this: (eeex * eex * ex) dx

not just another pretty pattern

According to CBBC (affiliated with the BBC), Cho Chang won't be making an appearance in the film version of the Prisoner of Azkaban.

What the heck is this? Not one single Asian at Hogwarts! Where's the affirmative action?

another online quiz
I found this on Cara Wilson's blog:

Which Evansville Diva Are You!

I'm not going to say who I got

Harry Potter is the Anti-Christ?
read more

spam in my inbox
Looking for something to do this summer? Visit UE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

we are all children
"I might be a little old now. I'm 23, I've got to really focus on things that are really going to enrich my life."- Venus Williams, who was reading a "Harry Potter" book when she won Wimbledon two years ago, saying she might pass on the latest book about the boy wizard. (from Yahoo)

those EUers
Most Euros in Germany Carry Cocaine Traces

"Nine out of 10 banknotes show clearly measurable amounts of cocaine," Fritz Soergel from the Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research in Nuremberg told Reuters on Wednesday. Some 600 euro notes were examined in the study.

But I'm sure most dollars in the US have traces of other, more exotic drugs

on my playlist
Cake- Comfort Eagle

We are building a religion
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors
And adding more lanes

We are building a religion
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers
for the pendant key chains

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

computer technology debates
Phuc's sister is giving her only-a-year-old computer to Phuc (good), and buying a laptop instead (questionable). I personally always wanted a new desktop when I got to college, but I've re-examined the issue.

Laptop vs. Desktop
Yale analysis for college students
Mac user's opinion
technology journalist's story
Bottom line: Laptops have mobility (both a positive and a negative--easy to bring around campus, easy target for thieves) and a "chic" factor (but who cares about that). Desktops have power and lower costs. For power users, a desktop is the way to go. If portability is a must for some reason, then laptops would be preferred--but seriously, who actually takes their computers to class with the intention of typing notes? The main disadvantage of a desktop for college students is that moving a traditional desktop system requires a lot of effort, as it is much bulkier than any notebook. In order to cut down on the size of a desktop, consumers should consider using a LCD flat-panel screen instead of the usual CRT monitor.

LCD vs CRT monitors
If price weren't a factor, I'd probably get a LCD. Perhaps the price of expensive-to-manufacture LCDs will drop in the next year before I go to college (cross my fingers).

Interesting note: a good desktop with a LCD monitor costs roughly the same as a good notebook alone costs

Which system/monitor do you prefer?

what campaign finance law?
Desipte efforts to limit private donations to political parties, private funds will cover the bulk of party conventions (yes, I just cited USA Today. Forgive me). Why does this matter? Because most corporate donators to political parties are not seeking to improve the competitiveness of a pluralistic democracy. Evidence seems to point the opposite way. "In 2000, major convention supporters included AT&T and Microsoft, which each gave $2 million to help pay for communications and computers." Hm...those companies don't try to buy officeholders at all.

Monday, June 23, 2003

kayaking downstream
So all of yesterday I was kayaking at Land Between the Lakes. Everyone I knew had already gone to LBL several times for youth groups, middle school field trips, or family vacations, but this was my first experience with nature in Kentucky. We were going kayaking under the guidance of the Kentucky Kayak Kountry.

Yeah, that's "KKK" for short.

So you'll forgive me if I was reserved toward the guides initially. It didn't help that the head guide, who also owned KKK, referred to himself as "Kayak" Jack. No kidding. Strangely enough, kayaking was great! Sure, I would have liked to have not worn my tennis shoes, which immediately became saturated with water (not white water, or clear water, but muddy, brownish water). But the point of kayaking is trying to stay IN the kayak and out of the water, so I guess I don't have anyone to blame for my dumps. KKK also had a mudslide, cave, and zipline to enjoy along the kayaking trip. I didn't participate in the mudslide, which looked awfully painful. The cave was pretty unspectacular, but it was a nice place to rest while we lunched. The zipline however, was great.

It was my first zipline experience, but you just hang onto two straps, which let you slide down on a rope which extends over the water. You let go of the straps halfway over the water as you're accelerating, and fall into the water. Well, if you chickened out, I guess you could hold onto the straps and not jump into the water. But the end result would be the same: across the water, the line was attached to a tree. So fall into the water, or hit a tree and bounce into the water. I chose the former, and it was not a bad choice if I say so myself.

The kayaking itself was good fun, and not too strenuous. We were going 13 miles downstream. Most of that trip did not require paddling because a decent current swept us along.

Upon returning to the KKK store, where our adventure began, the owner of the shop next door, "Grandma's Homemade Fudge," accosted me, "Do you recognize me?" Strangely enough, she did. In fact, as we were starting our daylong adventure that morning, I thought I saw my fifth grade homeroom teacher from West Terrace in the parking lot of Kentucky Kayak Kountry. But I thought, "An Evansvillian, this far into Kentucky? No way." But indeed, there was Ms. Reynolds, undeniably right before me! She invited us into her shop to give us a few fudge samples (the fudge was so good we ended up buying a pound), and I learned that she was Kayak Jack's wife. Wow. Crazy.

And then Kayak Jack gave me my Rubber Ducky award (for the person who dumps into the water first), a mug.

Sometimes the current carries you into strange places, huh?